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Life in our community

St. Benedict
His Rule

For over 1200 years, women in our monastery live according to the Rule of Saint Benedict.
Their ordering power, the determination of purpose, the "well thought-out measure" of what is possible within the monastic community, Christian earnestness, and Christian joy have lasting relevance, all of which is grounded in the message of Jesus Christ.

We value and cherish our long tradition, which is determined by the Rule of Benedict. In the Gospel direction, the Rule contains general principles of spiritual life as well as concrete instructions for shaping communal life.

Our common search for God requires the right order of times and things, of prayer and work, of eating and sleeping.

Thus a peaceful order is created in which the equality of all is safeguarded before God and the common property of possession, but at the same time consideration is given to the diversity of the individual, their needs and weaknesses.

Searching for God and shaping the world - that is our vision!


See, in his goodness the Lord shows us the Way to life.
​                                      Prologue 20


The abbess must therefore know the divine law exactly [...] and have a treasure, out of which she can bring forth something new and old.                           

                                  Chapter 64,9

Im Kreuzgarten

So we want to set up a school for the service of the Lord.

​                                      Prologue 45


Nothing should be preferred to worship.

​                                     Chapter 43,3


Attract the new man created in God's image to live truly, righteously and sacredly.

                                         Eph 4,24


Who is the man who loves life and wants to see good days?

​                                      Prologue 15

Lectio divina

Listen, my daughter, to the teaching of the Master, incline the ear of your heart.

​                                        Prologue 1


Love should be selfless of one another; in love they should fear God.

                              Chapter 72,8-9

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