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Gingerbread bakery

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Chiemsee Gingerbread


Gingerbread was very popular in monasteries in the Middle Ages because it could be kept for so long and served as emergency rations in hard times – and as an accompaniment to the strong, Lenten beer. In the convents, sweeter varieties evolved as desserts. In the south, the flat cake was known as “Zelte(n)”; the bakers, as “Lebzelter”or “Lebküchler”.  This name could be a derivation from the Latin libum, meaning “cake”, or from the German "leb", “Laib” or “Lebenskuchen”, because of its healing properties. 


The "Chiemsee Gingerbread" bakery


The abbey bakery produces an excellent gingerbread from an old, traditional recipe. We use carefully selected, high quality ingredients, including almonds, nuts, honey, particular spices and wheat flour. 

Chiemseer Lebkuchen
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