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Under the guidance of the Gospel and according to the Rule of St. Benedict, with its spiritual vastness, wise modesty, and gift of discerning the spirits, our community is on the way.

Benedict meets us in the prologue to the rule with the invitation: Listen, my daughter, at the command of the master, bow the ear of your heart, accept the approval of the benevolent father willingly and fulfill it by the deed.
Anyone who hears and follows the voice of God within is already taking the first steps on the path to becoming a Benedictine.

Die Ausbildung

After admission, a trial period of several years follows. The one-year postulate serves to get to know and to practice Benedictine daily life.

Anker 1

At the end of this year, the postulant, in agreement with the community, may decide to dress.

By wearing the Order's apparel, she also expresses her outward willingness to get more involved in the Benedictine way in our community.


In both the postulancy and the novitiate, women receive instruction in the following subject areas:

  •  Introduction to the Scriptures

  •  Introduction to the Rule of St. Benedict - Introduction to the Liturgy

  •  Introduction to the history of the church and religious history

  •  Introduction to Gregorian chant

  •  Learning the church Latin

  •  Practice of community relations and their meaning.

Each sister is accompanied during this time by the Noviziatsverantwortliche. In a personal conversation, the experiences of the new life form are integrated into the own life story and deepened.


If at the end of the two-year novitiate, the novice decides again for the path she has taken, she asks for the three-year temporary vows.
The community, for its part, votes on this request.


The novice promises stability, monastic life and obedience under rule and abbess.

The time to the Eternal Profession is for the novice and us a mutual testing phase. At the end, a viable life decision should be made.

With perpetual profession as the ultimate commitment to our community, women engage in a lifelong growth and maturation process. The Scriptures and the Rule of St. Benedict serve as a guide.

Women who want to clarify their vocation for a life in our community are welcome! - Telephone (08054 907-145) or by E-Mail

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