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Circle of friends

Freundeskreis Versammlung
Association of Friends of the Abbey Frauenwörth im Chiemsee e.V.

The original, beautiful landscape of the Bavarian Alpine foothills hosts a cultural jewel with over a thousand years of tradition, the Benedictine abbey Frauenwörth in the Chiemsee.

Since 1838 it was mainly the school and boarding school, so the monastery has been in the service of adult education since its closure in 1995.

Annemarie Biechl

"For me there is no comparable place that can compete with Frauenwörth in the Chiemsee in the combination of spiritual-spiritual power source, modern adult education and charming, idyllic landscape!"                                   Annemarie Biechl

Chairwoman of the Association of Benedictine Abbey Frauenwörth im Chiemsee e.V.
Member of the Bavarian State Parliament a.D., member of the Women's Union CSU, honorary peasants

In order to support the nuns in fulfilling their cultural and pastoral tasks, the "Association of Friends of the Benedictine Abbey Frauenwörth im Chiemsee e.V." was founded in January 1994. founded.
The aim of the association is to raise funds for the maintenance of the monastery buildings on Frauenchiemsee and to contribute to a cost-effective and "island-compatible" use of the monastery buildings.

The association supports the Benedictine abbey Frauenwörth on its way into the future. The Abbey, in continuation of the twelve-hundred-year Benedictine tradition, as a religious and spiritual center in the currents of our time, is an island of contemplation, education and dialogue.


"HELP YOU to preserve this place of spiritual and spiritual life, Bavarian tradition and ancient European culture for the future. Visit the island and feel at home here."

New website and new logo of the Circle of Friends

The new logo of the Circle of Friends shows the Campanile as a landmark of the Fraueninsel and the Chiemgau. It is framed by a Chiemseewelle - or the Fraueninsel - or a transverse Abbess staff, here symbolic of the Benedictine abbey Frauenwörth.

This logo is intended to express the bond of the Circle of Friends with "your monastery" and also be a sign of lively encounter, exchange and mutual fertilization.

Logo Freundeskreis Abtei Frauenwörth

Since June 2018, the Circle of Friends has a new club website and with the newsletter "Klosterpost", the possibility to keep you up-to-date throughout the year.

In the opening remarks of the announcement of the new newsletter "Klosterpost", Abbess Johanna i.a.:

​.... "I am sure that the relationship with "your monastery" gets more color, becomes richer and more alive. "

Mrs. Biechl and Mr. Franz Mayer, head of the Public Relations Team (TÖF), brought Ms. Christina Pfaffinger, Managing Director of the Chiemsee-Alpenland Tourism Association and member of the association, on board for the realization of this project. Mr. Rainer Nitzsche, co-editor of the Samerberger Nachrichten, was won over for the design of the website and newsletter.

An appealing and up-to-date platform was created on which appointments, activities and other things related to monasteries, islands and clubs can be published in a timely and effective manner, thus making them accessible to a broader public.

Klosterpost Anmeldung

To receive the "Klosterpost", simply log on to the new website  „” an.

Of course, the newsletter can also be forwarded to other persons in order to make our circle of friends even better known and to gain new members.

Several sisters are already subscribers.

Mrs. Biechl wrote in her foreword to the first "monastery post":

"I would be very happy to inform you in the future with our newsletter."


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