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Monastery Winery

Monastery Winery

The creation of distillates in the abbey Frauenwörth, the oldest surviving monastery of women in Germany (founded in 782), probably dates back to the 14th century.

After the years of secularization (1803), small bites, herb liqueurs and "life essence" (Amarabon) were produced within the monastery pharmacy.
The growing demand led in 1907 to re-establish the monastery and continue the long tradition of Chiemseer products.

The production of the original "Chiemseer herbal liqueurs" in pictures

What we offer:

  • Savory sweet monastery liqueur

  • Spicy-bitter bitter

  • Mild-bitter stomach bitter

  • Invigorating fresh monastery spirit

  • Fruity-sweet wild fruit liqueur

  • Tasty mulled wine

  • Non-alcoholic punch with delicious fruit juice flavor

The Chiemseer liqueurs together with mulled wine and punch are offered for sale in our monastery shop and distributed through the online shop of the company Stettner - general representative of our winery.


... and here in a video ...
Original "Chiemseer"

Original "Chiemseer"

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Liquor is a stimulant! Duly enjoyed "he delights the heart" and is beneficial to health!

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