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The Abbey of Frauenwörth and the Fraueninsel  ("Women island")

Our abbey is situated amidst an original beautiful landscape of the Bavarian Alpine foothills on the Fraueninsel in the Chiemsee.


The Fraueninsel rises up to 8 m above the lake level, is 15.5 ha in size, car-free and can be circumnavigated in 20 minutes on a comfortable riverside path. The island is one of the oldest cultural sites of Chiemgau.
In addition to the Herreninsel and the uninhabited small herb island, it is the second largest of the three islands in the Chiemsee. In terms of local politics, it belongs to the municipality of Chiemsee in the Upper Bavarian district of Rosenheim.

With over 50 houses, the Fraueninsel is today densely populated and represents the smallest political community in the whole of Bavaria dar. About one third of the total area covers our monastery area.

The long and varied history, the landscape, the people in the area, the spiritual and community-oriented spiritual community and the pilgrimage to Blessed Irmengard - the patron saint of Chiemgau - shape this magnificent place and exude a special charisma and attraction.

To the notoriety of the island contributed since 1828 also the world famous "Frauenchiemseer artist colony". The painter Max Haushofer belonged to his artist guild.

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