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The gardens

The gardens of the abbey

The monastery courtyard

Der Klosterhof von oben

The monastery anger

The „monastery anger" served us in previous years, especially for the cultivation of vegetables and herbs. It was not until the mid-80s that a lovingly created orchard and flower garden gradually developed. The mild climate of the island favors the cultivation of plants, vegetables and fruits. In summer, the flowered garden is a feast for the eyes of the day trippers and tourists arriving from the main pier, who can let their eyes wander over the garden landscape from the shore path. A small group of tirelessly roaming cackling ducks with their "stables" enliven the peaceful idyll.

Der Klosteranger am Uferweg

The cross garden

The cross garden in the cloister serves our community for recreation and meditation. In him we thank the Creator God for the gift of life in this little piece of living nature. We see and taste the traces of God in the unintentional beauty of the many rose blossoms and think of the verses of the Silesian mystic Angelus Silesius (1624-1677): "The rose blooms without a reason".


The "Labyrinth of Frauenwörth"

With the installation of the "Frauenwörth Labyrinth" we rediscovered the characteristics of a cloister garden, which allows us to be alone and undisturbed in a sheltered outdoor space.

"Labyrinth von Frauenwörth"

We therefore ask all those are interested by the desire for a visit or committing to desist. We thank you for your understanding!


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