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What are Benedictine Oblates?

St. Benedict of Nursia has written a rule for monks. However, the spirit of this rule continues to fascinate people who seek a spiritual path in the world in connection with a particular monastery. In connection with this there is for these people the Oblaten Institute.

How do Benedictine Oblates live?

In the spirit of Benedict, the Oblate and Oblate understand their lives as listening to the will of God (Regula Benedicti, Prologue 1) under the guidance of the Gospel (Regula Benedicti, Prolog 21). Everyday life in the world, its tasks and offers are understood in this sense as opportunities of the encounter with God and God's request. As seekers, the Oblates - with the monks or nuns of their monastery and as they - are on their way as apprentices. The yearning and the will to live more and more out of God determine their lives.
According to their possibilities, the Oblates try to integrate the spirit of the Benedictine Rule and - as far as possible - parts of the monastic hourly prayer into their lives. The bond with the Oblations Monastery is maintained by circulars, personal contacts and meetings of the Oblates (retreats) in the monastery. Within the framework of these relations, the Oblates are part of the respective monastic community to which they have joined..

What is the Oblation?

According to the Latin word content (oblatus = the devotee), the Oblation is the promise (firm readiness) of the Christian to devote his life to the glory of God and to the service of the neighbor. The oblate surrenders to God with the firm intention of living in the middle of the world in the sense of the Rule. The promise is made to the abbot of the monastery.

Six times a year, the Oblates come together for a daily course in our abbey.

Dates for 2019

26. Januar
30. März
25. Mai
28. September
23. November

To the changing topics under the heading "Lebenshilfe aus der Benediktsregel" all interested in the life form of the world wafers are invited and can register via the course program of our seminar area.

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