What are Benedictine Oblates?

St. Benedict of Nursia wrote a Rule for monks. The spirit of this Rule fascinates people in the world, too, who want to live a spiritual life.

These people can join the Oblates and so belong to a certain abbey and make a binding promise there.

How do Oblates live?

In the spirit of the Rule of St. Benedict, the Oblate understands his/her life to be a listening to the will of God under the guidance of the Gospel. Everyday life in the world, with its demands and opportunities is seen as a chance of meeting God. The Oblates are seekers, like the monks and nuns of “their” abbey, and like them, learners on the way. Their lives are shaped by the longing and the will to live from God and through Him. According to their individual possibilities, the Oblates try to integrate the spirit of the Rule, and parts of the Divine Office into their life. The bond with “their” abbey is strengthened by newsletters, personal contacts and meetings of the Oblates for day-retreats on a regular basis. In this way the Oblates are truly part of the abbey family.

How can you become an Oblate here?

After getting to know us and learning more about the order, the decision will be made, whether the spirituality of the Benedictine Oblates offers a way of living a deeper Christian life in the world. For one year, the novice Oblates learn more about the Rule and Benedictine spirituality. At the end of that time, they may bind themselves to our abbey through the Oblation ceremony.

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Abbess Johanna Mayer OSB

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