The Abbey Gardens

The Abbey garden

In the past, the abbey garden was primarily used to grow vegetables and herbs. It was not until the mid-1980s that it was gradually turned into a carefully planted orchard and flower garden. The island’s mild climate is particularly suitable for growing plants, vegetables and fruit. In summer, the garden is in full bloom and provides a visual treat for visitors and tourists arriving at the North Jetty, who can let their gaze roam over the garden landscape. A small flock of ducks, endlessly quacking and running around the garden, enlivens this peaceful idyll.


The Abbey courtyard

The abbey courtyard was re-designed between 2005-2007

The Kreuzgarten

The Kreuzgarten within the enclosure is a place of relaxation and meditation for our community. Here, we thank God, the Creator, for the gift of life in this small piece of the natural world. We perceive and savour God’s presence in the aim-less beauty of the many roses and are mindful of the verse from the Silesian mystic, Angelus Silesius (1624-1677): “The rose blossoms without a Why”.

The Frauenwörth Labyrinth

With the creation of the “Frauenwörth Labyrinth” we rediscovered the qualities of a private abbey garden which allows us to be together, alone and undisturbed, in a protected outdoor space.

We therefore kindly request that people do not ask to visit or view the garden and thank you for your understanding!