The distillery

The chronicle of 1263 speaks of „the person responsible for the so-important herb gardens“. With their knowledge about the medicinal characteristics of herbs and plants the nuns of that period developed a number of recipes which also served the inhabitants of the area around the abbey. The reputation which these recipes gained reached as far as the court of the Bavarian Duke Ludwig des Reichen who, in 1470, came to the Abbess Magdalena Auer zu Winkel (1467–1494) with a request for a cure.

There is documentary evidence of the production of drinks of various kinds as early as 1396, especially the distillation of herbs. After the re-establishment of the abbey (1837), the long tradition of Chiemsee products was continued and developed in the 20th century.

The production of the "Chiemseer Liqueurs"

We provide:


- Sweet, tasty “Klosterlikör”

- Spicy-dry “Halfbitter”

- Digestive “Magenbitter”

- Invigorating “Klostergeist”

- Fruity-sweet “Wildfruchtlikör”

- Tasty mulled wine with bilberries

- Non alcoholic fruit punch


The different herbal liqueurs can be purchased along with gingerbread and marzipan from our monastery shop or from the Online Shop of the company Stettner & sun (general representation of our Liqueurs).


Liquor is a pleasing product! Enjoyed in a modest way

"it gladdens the heart" and is conducive to health.


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