Chiemsee Marzipan

Our marzipan has a long monastic tradition:


Marzipan originated in the Orient, where this almond and sugar mixture was served at the table of the Caliphs as the crowning delicacy. Following the Crusades, marzipan was introduced to Europe where it was first made by apothecaries and considered to be a medicinal product until the eighteenth century. Around this time, confectioners began to hand-craft marzipan into artistic shapes and figures for sale. 


Our marzipan specialties are among the assortment of delicacies which have been hand-made in the abbey to the same high standard for decades.

“A piece of heaven on earth”


Das Geheimnis des überlieferten Rezepts für die verschiedenen feinen Chiemseer Marzipanspezialitäten liegt in der ausgewoge-

nen Mischung der einzelnen Zutaten und der täglich frisch zubereiteten Produkte.

Award-winning Chiemsee marzipan ...

The "Chiemsee marzipan confectionary" is a special delicacy.

The secret recipe for our marzipan, together with the addition of coffee and cocoa, guarantees a unique delicacy.


In 2010, at the 2nd symposium of the “Medien- und Dienstleistungsgesellschaft” (MDG) in the Frauenwörth Abbey, our "marzipan-coffee confect" won first prize in the category “Most Satisfying Monastic Product”

Chiemsee marzipan creations

The various “Chiemsee marzipan creations” are just some of the monastery’s own delicacies which have been hand-made for decades. Here is a small selection of our rich and seasonal range: