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"Die Fraueninsel" The Women’s Island 

The Benedictine abbey of Frauenwörth is situated in a beautiful, unspoiled landscape at the edge of the Bavarian Alps on the Fraueninsel (The Women’s Island) in Lake Chiemsee. 


The Fraueninsel rises up to 8 metres above sea level, has a surface area of 12 hectares and a comfortable walk around the whole shoreline takes only 20 minutes. The island is one of the oldest cultural sites in the Chiemgau.

With just over 50 houses and approximately 250 inhabitants the island is very densely populated and constitutes the smallest administrative district in Bavaria. The monastery covers nearly one third of the island. 


The long and varied history, the landscape, the people of the area, pilgrimages to the Blessed Irmengard and the spiritual community, which is orientated to constancy and self-administration, and have all shaped this marvellous place and give it a special atmosphere and attraction. 

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